Use of personal data

When you visit DTU’s websites, we gather information by using cookies and registering the information you submit when signing up for events, newsletters, and orders.

When you use the DTU’s websites, you agree to the use of cookies, unless you have deselected cookies in your browser.


We use cookies for statistics and to deliver a targeted user experience. ‘Cookies’ is a text file stored on your computer, mobile or similar, to be able to recognize it, remember settings, carry out statistics, and target ads on facebook, for example. Cookies cannot contain malicious code such as virus.

The website contains cookies from third parties as specified in our cookie notification which is displayed when you visit

Other user information

In addition to cookies, we collect the information you submit via entry fields. DTU typically collects information as name, address, email, etc. However, DTU does not sell or disclose personal data to third parties.

There are more than 800 sites on DTU’s web platform. The personal data you provide are not shared across these sites, and there is no central registration of such user information. If you wish to cancel or withdraw information you have entered, you should communicate this directly to the service you have used (e.g. deregistration link in the newsletter).

Privacy policy

You can read more about DTU’s handling of personal data in our privacy policy 

If you have any questions about our data processing, you are welcome to contact our data protection officer.

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